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Supreme Court of Lithuania

Bulletin "Case Law"

Bulletin “Teismų Praktika” (Case Law)

The Supreme Court develops uniform case law of courts of general jurisdiction by hearing cases. However, for consistent interpretation and application of law, other activities of the court are also important. The Law on Courts states that, in order to develop and ensure a uniform interpretation and application of law by the courts of general jurisdiction, the Supreme Court shall analyse the case law of national, EU and international courts, other sources of law, draw up summaries and overviews of case law, publish information about its activities. Each year the Supreme Court usually prepares two extensive overviews of the case law in a certain area from the domain of practice of the Civil Division and the Criminal Division. The Law on Courts also states that the Supreme Court shall publish the bulletin ‘Case Law’. The bulletin presents the relevant case law of the Supreme Court, summaries and overviews of the case law, the publication of which has been approved by the relevant division of the Supreme Court. The bulletin also offers thematic summaries of judgments of the European Court of Human Rights and the Court of Justice of the European Union. Other information about the activities of the Supreme Court and the material relevant for ensuring uniform interpretation and application of law may also be published in the bulletin.

The bulletin “Teismų Praktika” (Case Law) is published in the Lithuanian language.