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Supreme Court of Lithuania


The courts have presented their 2020 performance results


In 2020, Courts of the Republic of Lithuania received 201,199 cases and even more than 90% of them were in electronic form. Number of cases examined compared to 2019 decrease of 7%. A total of 213 cases of non-compliance with the requirements and restrictions applied in Lithuania related to the prevention of the spread of COVID-19 were examined.

In 2020, the length of civil proceedings in courts of all instances and the examination time of criminal cases in district courts as courts of first instance, has reduced. Lithuanian courts hear the largest number of civil and administrative cases in Europe and are the fastest. 

The quality of court decisions remains stable.In 2020, only 5.8% of the decisions made in the Lithuanian courts were appealed by the parties to the proceedings and only 1.8% of all the decisions made were changed or revoked. The number of petitions against Lithuania submitted to the European Court of Human Rights has significantly decreased. 342 petitions were rejected as inadmissible or removed from the list of cases.

In 2020, a total of 390 judicial mediation proceedings were completed and in almost half of them (41%) peace agreements were reached.

About all the results of the Lithuanian Courts you can read in annual reports:

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